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The background: Near the end of 2017, I began experimenting with some live edge wood and epoxy resin to make various tables for my home, and the initial results turned out great! From there, I began displaying the tables online as examples of pieces that could be ordered and built to customers' specifications. Inquiries started flying in and soon I was building the first custom order. The steady ramp-up in production and orders has been nothing short of an amazing experience growing this business and creating one-of-a-kind tables, desks, and bar tops for customers all around the country.

The present and future: As 1728 Design's following and customer base continue to grow, we have began sourcing our own trees, which we cut and dry into various slabs to sell direct to other woodworkers and craftsmen, or create new works of art from. I always keep innovation in mind, and try to push the creative boundaries of custom-made functional art, while producing high-quality solutions for many customer's needs.

1728 Designs: Bringing creativity into your business, home, and any other part of your life where you can use a fresh concept integrated into everyday, functional items.